About US!

Minority essence is a club created to foster the differences and individuality of the students in our education communities by creating an environment where minorities feel safe and equal, and create a culture that recognizes, respects, and unites every race and ethnicity and celebrates their cultures. 

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Ariel Narayan

Ariel Narayan is a Senior at Brunswick High School this year. She plays in the school band and orchestra, participated in school musicals, and plans to run track. She is also a member of NHS, RAK, and Student Council. This year she hopes to accomplish great things within the club with the ability to grow and prosper.


Gabrielle Williams

Gabrielle Williams is a Senior at Brunswick High School. She's played Volleyball and has participated in Book Club. She is also on the Leadership Team of NHS. She loves reading, drawing, and makeup. This year Gabrielle plans to continue making a difference in Brunswick High School and leave a lasting impact, making Brunswick a safer and more equal environment.


Nicole Meza

Nicole Meza is a Senior at Brunswick High School. She is a level 10 competitive gymnast. Nicole enjoys hiking, watching movies, and hanging out with friends and family. She wants everyone to be comfortable with their roots and be united no matter their differences. 


Jacob Winter

Jacob Winter is a Sophomore this year at Brunswick High School. He enjoys stock trading, space, and the outdoors. Jacob plans on making a difference in the lives of others by actively working to make Brunswick an inclusive learning environment. He would also like to change the perception of our school. 


Alex Amaranto

Alexis Amaranto is a Sophomore this year at Brunswick High School. She enjoys playing softball, volleyball, and playing with her dog. Alexis wants to spread positivity to others and create a safe environment to hold great discussions for minorities. She also hopes to create and plan events for the club to spread positivity even more.


Mahkyi Bell

Mahkyi Bell is a Freshman this year at Brunswick High School. He's played in the school musical in previous years, and has been a student ambassador in the past. He plans on running track in the future. Mahkyi wants to be more confident on what he believes in, while growing his community. 


Gabriela Cuddy

Gabriela Cuddy is a Senior at Brunswick High School. Outside of the classroom, she loves acting in musicals and plays, and playing on the volleyball team.She is a member of Book Club, Drama Club, Student Council, and NHS. This year she hopes to grow her understanding of others, and encourage others to do the same.


Kate Gerlus

Kate Gerlus is a Junior this year at Brunswick High School. She is involved in Marching Band and Concert Band. She loves to write, draw, and play tennis with her family. Kate hopes to create, enhance, and produce projects that inspire Brunswick High School to become a community that is safe for and celebratory of minorities, as well as an environment that unites all races, cultures and ethnicities. 


Anna Kerns

Anna Kerns is a Junior this year at Brunswick High School. She's played field hockey, lacrosse, and indoor track. She also participates in RAK and is Class Officer for class of 2022. Anna enjoys travel and watching movies. She wants to gain experience and strengthen her knowledge on different cultures and ethnicites, as well as, encouraging others to be vocal.